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Starting with agricultural and bioenergy waste, the Mayasil Process provides a simpler path to silica-based materials.

Mayasil is seeking partners from:

  • Bioenergy utilities and industrial co-generation facilities

  • Polyol producers and rigid polyurethane foam suppliers

  • Silica compounding, formulation, and product engineering

  • Specialty chemicals and advanced materials

Mayasil Partners with co-innovation projects, samples MayaGS polyol, and licenses the Mayasil Process to solve problems at the intersection of agriculture, energy, and the environment. Our partners are concerned with:

  • Lowering polyol costs while reducing or eliminating flame retardant chemicals

  • Reducing waste streams and making a profit center out of ash to diversify revenue

  • Reducing material costs and environmental impacts and improving product formulations and market positioning

  • Replacing legacy silica production processes with less-costly, energy efficient, biogenic technology

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